Red Kale

Storm train. Drenching rain not fit for chickens or puppies. I want to be out in it, checking the compost, gathering eggs, starting some seed. Even the coldest of November’s sunny days gave me a chance to get air between essays. Today it seems as if I can only look out my window as the wind and the rain have their way.

Just two days ago there was sun. Here is the tacky video evidence.

I should bake, maybe I should write or at least grade those essays. Instead I keep finding myself gazing out my kitchen window, mindlessly eating crackers. I think I need some sort of green house for winter play. Maybe I can get by eating the last of the kale. I will harvest it slow, chop it reverently, than watch it cook into a winter wonder meal. Even if I only pick Kale for the nuggets I have to stop eating those darn crackers. I wonder if peanut butter from a spoon will count as health food?

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