My First Encounter With Fava Beans

Fava Beans (step 1; get um outta the pods)

On a whim, last night I harvested a square of Fava Beans. A first for me. These were planted way back in February. I have no experience with Fava’s so I was hoping that the huge pod size meant they were ready. The seed that I pressed into the soil was a purplish-black (Negreta from TSC) but the seeds I harvested are a nice shade of bright green.

My back aches a bit today, not from hard work but from standing in the kitchen squeezing beans out of their outer shell AFTER removing them from the pod. These little protein packs do not give up their prize simply. I say simply because it is easy to get them ready for dinner. But it is tedious. I should have sat down to do the job.

For our fist fava dish I chose a soup from you-tube by Anne Burrell. It has bacon, onions, potatoes (from my garden), garlic, and celery. (olive oil, salt and pepper too). I replaced most of the celery with fennel bulb and added some kalbalsa from Sylvania Meats. Turns out that my family does like fava’s! My chickens, however, are not the least bit interested in the stalks and leaves.


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