Chitty Cookies

Chitty Cookies

I cleaned up the name a bit. These cookies come from my brother Dan and his wife Sheri. They are very simple and go fast. The original name is meant to turn people off, in the hope that they last a little longer on the platter.

The simple ingredients: A package of Ritz Crackers, a jar of Jif peanut butter, a package of chocolate Almond Bark and an optional jar of Christmas Sprinkles

Melt the almond bark according to package directions. I do mine in the microwave.

Meanwhile, spread peanut butter on Ritz Crackers, top with a second cracker to make little peanut-butter-cracker sandwiches.

Press a Peanut-butter cracker sandwich into melted chocolate Almond Bark

Use a fork or tongs to flip the crackers to coat the flip side with chocolate

Place the chocolate coated cracker (now a cookie) on wax paper. While the chocolate is still soft, sprinkle with optional Christmas sprinkles. Try to leave the cookies alone while the chocolate hardens.

The ragged edges can be trimmed with a warm table knife after the chocolate hardens. Extra chocolate can be remelted for whatever use  you have…. like more Chitty Cookies. Do not store these in the refrigerator. The cold will bring the cocoa butters to the surface and give the cookie a gray sheen. Safe to eat but less appetizing to look at…. on the other hand, that attribute will go well with the original name.

Enjoy the entire Christmas Cookie Collection for 2010.

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