Tomato Tasting 2010

The 2nd tomato from the 2010 garden, Siltz

I am about to commit a bold-faced rip off Hanna’s tomato tasting  (Of This Garden Is Illegal fame) I have been following her tomato postings for a couple of years now. With that confession aside, here is an overview of the tomatoes I have grown in Everett, Washington during a year that was beyond bad for tomatoes. Hanna’s first tomato in Ohio was ready in early July. despite having started mine in January, the chilly Northwest did not give me a red tomato until mid August. All of mine are grown in mel’s mix (Square Foot Gardening). Some are grown in my Square foot gardens, some in large black plastic tubs.

The following are the tomatoes I am growing this year. Links will be added as they ripen (or if they fail to ripen) this season.

  • Black Plum Paste
  • Persimmon
  • Siletz (August 18, 2010)
  • Brandywine
  • Cherokee Purple
  • Oregon Spring (August 19)
  • Black Prince
  • Paito

Your comments and feed-back are not only welcome but encouraged.



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3 responses to “Tomato Tasting 2010

  1. Debs, Please do tell about Black Plum and Black Prince. I’m thinking about them for 2012.

  2. Black Prince was a total failure in 2010, a very bad year for PNW tomatoes. I hear all kinds of good comments about it but it dropped every fruit it produced in my garden. The plant came from the Everett health co-op. I think it came from Rent’s due farms.

    I have grown black plum twice from seed. It tends to be loaded with green fruit that gets very soft as it ripens which draws tomato eating critters. I have read that Black Plum takes 65 days on one package and 85 on another. I suspect that even a short season tomato with a vine as aggressive as the black plum vine can get ripe without some heat. There was no heat sufficient to ripen tomatoes in 2010. 2011 had good August and September heat but all I got from black plum in 2011 was squishy little bug-slug eaten fruit. I do not know why. Bottom line, I was unable to taste or test black plum. You can google black plum paste and get some reviews. It seems like it should have worked as a PNW tomato, but I’m not eating that sauce.

    If you grow these I would love to know how they work for you.

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