A 2nd day is done.

I survived day two of this diet (do I like that word? does it matter?) It isn’t bad unless I am fixated on crunchy-salty-chocolate. Started the day with a cuppa coffee and a kashi bar before I remembered I wasn’t doing kashi. An orange and a hand-ful of blue and raspberries was good.

Went for a walk with Connie this AM and by the time we were heading home I was HUNGRY! Had water on the poarch with Connie then made a smoothine in the bullet with apricots and marion berries. Really quite good but I need to pick up some almond milk to have in smoothies.

Plain salad for lund, but for a snack, when I would have liked to dip and crunch, I make hummas in the bullet and dipped celery. Actually quite good. About three ounces of steak with rice and peas made dinner and I’m feeling good right now. I think I am just starting to detox. My face got hot this afternoon and a buzzy headache plagued me for most of the afternoon. The garbanzo beans in the hummas might have been too much salt for me. Isn’t that odd? Down three-quarters of a pound but that might be a fluke. I am not tired and my mind is running at full, even though I wanted to sleep off the head-ach.


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  1. Day 3 my head was achy most of the day. My face felt hot and my arthritis hurt. I think this is still from detoxing. At the end of the day though, I was down another half a pound.

    Took a somewhat short AM walk with Connie again

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