Kingdom word study (Luke 9:1-5)

And He sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God… Luke 9:2

“He” is Y’shua/Jesus and “them” is the twelve. Following the resurrection of the daughter of Ja’irus, Y’shua gives power and authority to the twelve. That alone is amazing but they are not given this power and authority the way groupies who surround a famous person have some kind of power or authority just for being close to the famous person. Y’shua has a purpose for giving this power to them. “Proclaim the kingdom of God.”

Kingdom of God: What does that mean? So far Luke has not been clear about what the kingdom of God is, even though he has mentioned it often. Maybe it is my 21st century mind-set that does not fully understand the concept of a kingdom. I tend to get tunnel vision and forget that the Gospel of Luke was not written so much by Luke, but by the Holy One, the Spirit or Breath of Elohim. The Breath of Elohim has been consistant throughout the whole word of God in describing, the kingdom of God/Elohim.

note: Because this is for a study in the book of Luke, I have chosen to highlight passages from that book. Passages from other gospels and the rest of the Scripture were also suggested in the source books.

Strong’s Concordance #932 basileia (bas-il-i’-ah);  properly, royalty, i.e. (abstractly) rule, or (concretely) a realm (literally or figuratively

Zohadiatie’s dictionary of the New Testiment #932 basilei

from basileús (935), king.

Royal dominion, kingdom.

Basileía tôn ouranônthe kingdom of heaven” or of the heavens, a phrase peculiar to Matthew for which the other evangelists use basileía toú Theoú, “the kingdom of God“, which Matthew also uses … Essentially the two terms mean the same and are interchangeable. Spiritually the kingdom of God is within the human heart (*Luke 17:20-21). Both expressions also refer to the prophecies of *Dan 2:44; *7:13-14. and denote the everlasting kingdom which God the Father will give to Christ the Son, namely, the spiritual and eternal kingdom which is to subsist first in more imperfect circumstances on earth, but afterwards will appear complete in the world of glory (*…Luke 21:27 f.). In some verses the kingdom of heaven more particularly signifies God’s rule within us while we are on this earth (*Matt 13:41-52); at other times it indicates only the state of glory (*1 Cor 6:9-11; *15:49-50; *Gal 5:17-24).

 *Luke 17:20-21 Being asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God was coming, he answered them, “The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed; nor will they say, ‘Lo, here it is!’ or ‘There!’ for behold, the kingdom of God is in the midst of you.”

 *Dan 2:44 And in the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed, nor shall its sovereignty be left to another people. It shall break in pieces all these kingdoms and bring them to an end, and it shall stand for ever;

 *Dan 7:13-14 I saw in the night visions, and behold, with the clouds of heaven there came one like a son of man, and he came to the Ancient of Days and was presented before him.  And to him was given dominion and glory and kingdom, that all peoples, nations, and languages should serve him; his dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and his kingdom one that shall not be destroyed.

 *Luke 21:27 And then they will see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.

 *Matt 13:41-52  The Son of man will send his angels, and they will gather out of his kingdom all causes of sin and all evildoers,  and throw them into the furnace of fire; there men will weep and gnash their teeth. Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. He who has ears, let him hear.

      “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up; then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.

      “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls, who, on finding one pearl of great value, went and sold all that he had and bought it.

      “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a net which was thrown into the sea and gathered fish of every kind;  when it was full, men drew it ashore and sat down and sorted the good into vessels but threw away the bad.  So it will be at the close of the age. The angels will come out and separate the evil from the righteous,  and throw them into the furnace of fire; there men will weep and gnash their teeth.

      “Have you understood all this?” They said to him, “Yes.”  And he said to them, “Therefore every scribe who has been trained for the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old.”

 1 Cor 6:9-11  Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither the immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor sexual perverts,  nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor robbers will inherit the kingdom of God.  And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.

1 Cor 15:49-50  Just as we have borne the image of the man of dust, we shall also bear the image of the man of heaven.  I tell you this, brethren: flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable.

 Gal 5:17-24  For the desires of the flesh are against the Spirit, and the desires of the Spirit are against the flesh; for these are opposed to each other, to prevent you from doing what you would.  But if you are led by the Spirit you are not under the law.  Now the works of the flesh are plain: fornication, impurity, licentiousness,  idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, anger, selfishness, dissension, party spirit,  envy, drunkenness, carousing, and the like. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.  But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness, self-control; against such there is no law.  And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.

Luke has already told us a few things about the Kingdom of God that the 12 are to proclaim. In chapter 1, Elohim sends the angel Gabriel to Mary with the message that she would have a child of the “Breath of Elohim” (Spirit of God). Then he tells her, “Behold…” I want to pause here to say that I have learned from my little bit of Hebrew study, that when I see the word “behold” in Scripture, I need to realize that a window is being opened to me, I am about to get a glimpse of the unseen world of the Kingdom of God, or what English-speaking believers often call, the spirit realm. Gabriel said, “Behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus (Y’shua). He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Most High; and the Lord God will give to him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there will be no end.”

Next, at the end of chapter 4, we learned that the people of Caper’na-um greatly benefited from the healing power and freedom from demons that had invaded even the synagogue. They had hoped and requested that he stay with them. Y’shua went alone to pray, got up from his knees and was firm in knowing what he must do. He said to them, “I must preach the good news of the kingdom of God to the other cities also; for I was sent for this purpose.” John the Baptizer had successfully prepared the hearts of the Children of Israel for the Kingdom and the King. Y’shua prayed (there is a lesson in that for me). I do not see just what it was he prayed for, but when a people who longed for him to remain in their city came to him, requesting that he stay, he would not. He had a mission.

 In chapter 6 we saw the crowds come to him for his power to heal and the authority he holds. He gave them all that they sought for themselves. But, we also saw Y’shua turn to his disciples to tell them, “Blessed (the favor of Elohim) are you poor, for yours is the Kingdom of God… He explained that in his realm, what we see with physical eyes is not necessarily what is real or true. Those who have few material goods in this life, who have learned to beg at the throne of heaven are those who are truly wealthy. The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them.

History tells us that John the Baptist was the super star, the rock star, the sports hero of his day (though he was not a musician nor did he play professional sports) He was the most popular person of his day among the people. In chapter 7, Y’shua acknowledged that fact. Than he shocks us with, the least well know, the least regarded person in the kingdom of heaven is greater than John. (Do you ever feel like your life is not relevant? Don’t you believe it child of Elohim)

In chapter 8, the disciples are given understanding of the secrets of the Kingdom of God, everyone else hears stories, parables that they cannot make sense of. Now, in chapter 9, to go with the understanding that they have, twelve of them are also given power and authority to proclaim the secret kingdom whose king they serve. Y’shua told Nicodemus that a man must be reborn of the spirit before he can see this kingdom, a delima to man who would try to earn his right to enter the kingdom. John chapter 3.

From Luke we will learn that citizens of the Kingdom of Elohim (believers) must be single focused. Some of the 12 will “see” the kingdom before the body dies. (Luke 9) He will teach us that when an unbeliever is healed or experiences the power of God, that the Kingdom of God has come near. The healing is not the whole experience, only evidence. (chapter 10) Disciples (believers) are to pray for the kingdom to come (Luke 11) to look for it and rest in the assurance that the Father is pleased to give it to them. (Luke 12) It is not coming with signs or evidence (even though we who believe are to look for evidence that it is already here) but instead we must simply recieve what is already in our midst. (chapter 17) The burden of riches will make entrance into the kingdom very difficult (chapter 18) but for those who will give up what they count as their own in this life, things, a place, relationships, will find that they gain so much more then they gave up.

The kingdom of God is near. A soul can step into this kingdom by giving her (his) alliance to the king, Y’shua (Jesus) by faith (believing, standing on the word of God). It requires letting loose of everything and taking a firm grasp on the Word of God as our foundation and Y’shua as our desire above all else. It is to repent (turn our back on) sin and the things of this world for the life of the next world. It is so much more than that. It is life, a whole new and abundant life. In this world it has no physical place except for the hearts of those who receive this kingdom by faith. And where is our King now? Wherever two or three believers have come together in the name of Y’shua, he is in the midst of them (Matthew 18:20) …for behold, the kingdom of God is in the midst of you (Luke 17:21)
t’s New Exhaustive Strong’s Numbers and Concordance with Expanded Greek-Hebrew Dictionary. Copyright (c) 1994, Biblesoft and International Bible Translators, Inc.

 The Complete Word Study Bible and The Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament Copyright © 1991, 1992, 1994, 2002 AMG International, Inc.



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  1. Sandy Ralston


    That is the most beautiful writing about this issue I have read in a long time. You have it all put together I truly believe concerning what Jesus was also telling Nicodemus in John 3. Mainly the scriptures revealing what you have written in verses 3-12. The early apostles and disciples preached the about this kingdom that He did bring to us on this earth. Whereas many do not today. preventing many from entering in. When I say, entering in, I am referring to what Paul wrote about this kingdom you are seeing now written in Rm. 14:17. Adding Lk. 17:21 to that, John writing you must be born again to first see, then enter into righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost within. Which is why God looks within our hearts or souls to see what is in there always just as it says in 1st Sam. 16:7. Still doing so yet. Blessings ot you for writing this.

    luv you,

    • Thanks Sandy, that means so much coming from you. I was so rushed, it was a bit frustrating but at the same time awesome. It really isn’t finished. I just wanted to know what it was that Y’shua asked the disciples to proclaim in Luke 9:2. Someone smarter than me, more willing to sit down all day, could do a much better job, but this gives me a handle on the subject.
      Again, thanks!

  2. jbutzu

    Reblogged this on Biblical Word Studies: Inspirational Commentary Translation and Exegesis and commented:
    Another great thought…lol. This man loves God!

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