Come Rest Awhile

Everything around me says, “Rest” but my mind is busy, I want to do, go, fuss and prepare. I prayed for myself this morning, something I seldom do unless it is for some mercy I desire. My heart is feeling the discontent of not resting. Three areas are of a concern. Fellowship, the passion of my hobbies and how I choose to entertain my eyes in the evening.

Gardening has become my passion. Not so long ago it was the Word of God. Circumstances interfere with my devotional study time and I want it back. In the evenings I leave the TV on way into the night. I prefer to drift to sleep in the light of the Word rather than the glow of the TV. Why do my choices crumble when day is done. And Fellowship? Except for my husband and my dear friend Connie, I hardly engage in fellowship. I miss it, I long for it. Now I am praying for it.

Lord grant me a heart that gives love instead of sucking other dry.


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